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Why DOCTOR STRANGE vs GREEN LANTERN are Basically the Same Movie, but Why in One Way Better?

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Doctor Strange is one of our favorite MCU movies. It introduces a timeliness hero into the Marvel Cinematic Universe--and gives him new depth and char...

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Doctor Strange is one of our favorite MCU movies. It introduces a timeliness hero into the Marvel Cinematic Universe--and gives him new depth and character growth. Stephen Strange would go on to become instrumental in the fabric of the MCU, and carry a franchise of his own.

And 2011's Green Lantern is the opposite of all that. It's an ugly, horrible train wreck form start to finish...but did you ever notice it's the same movie as Doctor Strange? In this video we break down all the similarities, but also explain why one movie is a crowning achievement, and the other a defining failure.

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (https://pavel8866.wixsite.com/pavelt) pavel8866@gmail.com
Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)

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A while back we made a video talking about why Doctor Strange is such a beautiful and underrated film. I really love this movie. But the funny thing is that Doctor Strange is basically the same as Green Lantern. And I’m not joking, because after we go over all the similarities, you will be surprised just how similar these two movies are. Though of course, one is an extremely good and underrated movie, and the other one has a villain with a nut-sack on their head.

Looking at these movies side-by-side gives us a fascinating study about how the execution of storytelling is so crucial and is the key difference that shows why one movie is like this…. And the other is this…

Both movies tell the story of a guy who’s the best at what he does, but his arrogance and fear of failure hold him back from being truly great. This makes the hero into a reckless a-hole… who’s also a terrible driver.

The love interest is the hero’s ex, but it’s complicated since they work together. But she’s the only person in his life that sees his true potential.

After a bad accident, the hero loses his job, which represents his loss of purpose. For Strange, it’s his hands, and for Hal, it’s his ability to fly.

At a low point, the hero meets this guy who tells him about an ancient order that protects the universe. Also a little bit of rivia, did you know that Boba Fett himself played Abin Sur?
The hero travels far away and joins the ancient order. Though at first he is met with some hostility from some of the other members.

The hero is given a ring, and there’s this green-glowing-thingy that allows the hero to create constructs with his mind.

At first, the hero has problems using his new powers, because the energy is dependent on will power, and the hero has some major low-confidence problems to resolve first.
But once the hero overcomes this hurdle, he masters his new power very quickly.
The bad guy of both movies used to be a member of the ancient order, but after using the forbidden energy, he was corrupted and turned to evil.

It turns out that the bad guy is just a tool for the real villain, who’s this powerful space entity that consumes worlds. The secondary villain draws the energy from the evil entity, which turns his forehead into a giant nut-sack. Oh wait, that’s just Green Lantern.

The ancient order is led by this ancient bald leader, who’s really powerful, and is the only one that defeated the bad guy in the past. Also, it’s revealed that the ancient leader uses the same energy of the evil entity.

At a certain point in the movie, the villain morality injures the baled mentor, but they only die after giving the hero a pep-talk.

There’s also this frenemy character, who is completely devoted to the order, but he clearly has a dark side. When the frenemy discovers that the ancient leader used the forbidden energy, all his beliefs in the order shatter, and he starts his path to the dark side.

Also, there’s a point later in the movie, where the hero has to convince the frenemy to help him save the world.

Another member of the order is this guy who acts all tough, and is hostile toward the hero at first, but turns out he’s all talk. In the end, he becomes besties with the hero.
At some point, the hero reveals his new powers to his love interest, which freaks her out at first. But later she ends up saving the hero’s life from the bad guy. Also, she makes fun of the group the hero joined.

There is a scene where a female character gives the hero a pep-talk about how fear is his greatest obstacle.

Despite the ancient order having many powerful members, most of them get wiped out pretty easily, so it’s up to the hero to save the day on his own.
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