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Why DC Canceled The Flash Arrowverse Shows Explained

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Why DC Canceled The Flash Arrowverse Shows Explained. Justice League, The Batman HBO Series, Green Lantern, The Flash Trailer & Marvel Disney Plus ► h...

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Why DC Canceled The Flash Arrowverse Shows Explained. Justice League, The Batman HBO Series, Green Lantern, The Flash Trailer & Marvel Disney Plus ► https://bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
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Covering new DC Movies and DCTV Shows Announcement Breakdown. DC Movies and TV Shows huge changes going forward. Why DC is naming it's own Kevin Feige person in charge. To lead the company, movies, tv shows, everything DC. The same way Kevin Feige is in charge of everything Marvel does, Marvel Movies, Marvel Disney Plus Series, and everything else.

The new announcement about them doing more Superman Movies and TV Shows and what that means for the Justice League Snyder Cut Characters returning like Henry Cavill Superman. And the other DC HBO Series they're currently making.

There's The Batman Movie with Robert Pattinson. Which will have 2-3 spinoff projects currently. Starting with Colin Farrell's Pengiun. Then the Batman Arkham Series featuring characters like The Riddler, Mr. Freeze, and Barry Keoghan's The Joker. Last seen in The Batman Deleted Scene with Joker vs Batman.

It also includes spinoffs for things you'll see in the Black Adam Trailer and The Flash Movie Trailer with Michael Keaton's Batman. And Green Lantern.

Aquaman 2 Trailer, The Flash Trailer 2022. Justice League Snyder Cut Connections and Easter Eggs, Superman Easter Eggs, Shazam 2 Teaser. Justice Society, Doctor Fate, Hawkman, new characters breakdown. Shazam Post Credit Scene, Black Adam Scenes. And Black Adam vs Superman Teaser. Black Adam Explained, Powers and Abilities. Hawkman, Doctor Fate, DCEU Justice Society First Look. Atom Smasher, Cyclone new members explained.

My Full Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness Post Credit Scene, Easter Eggs, and Full Movie Breakdown videos will start posting next week after it releases

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