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Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 8 - 9 Finale FULL Breakdown, Ending Explained, Netflix Easter Eggs

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Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 8 - 9 Finale. Ending Explained, Netflix Easter Eggs, Running Up That Hill, Vecna Backstory & Stranger Things Season 5...

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Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 8 - 9 Finale. Ending Explained, Netflix Easter Eggs, Running Up That Hill, Vecna Backstory & Stranger Things Season 5 Trailer ► https://bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
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Covering Full Netflix Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 8 and Episode 9 Finale Breakdown and Easter Eggs. Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2. The Final Season 4 Episodes. Eleven vs Vecna Ending Explained. Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 9 Ending Explained. Stranger Things Season 5 Trailer. Henry Creel, Number 1, Vecna Explained and Backstory. How Vecna used the Mind Flayer to control everything. Vecna Plan Explained during Season 5 and how he plans to take over the world.

How Eleven got her powers back. Hopper in Russia Explained. Why Music and Songs are Important for defeating Vecna and the Mind Flayer. Stranger Things Neverending Story easter eggs and references. Stranger Things Season 5 Trailer and Episodes in 2023-2024 explained.

Kate Bush Running Up That Hill Theme and 80s Easter Eggs and References. How Max is the key to Vecna's Plan. Freddy Krueger Cameo Scene Explained. Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 Trailer and Stranger Things Season 5 Teaser. How the Group travels into the upside down this time to fight the mind flayer creature. Rescuing Hopper and The End of the Series next year in 2023.

Creel House Explained. Eleven and Hopper, Dr Brenner Returns and Eleven's Powers Returning Explained. New Scenes and Easter Eggs. Hopper Lives. Eleven vs Mind Flayer in the Upside Down. Stranger Things Season 5 Release Date. And the Eleven vs Vecna Final Battle.

Stranger Things Funny Moments and Season 4 Plot Teaser Breakdown and references. I'll do more Stranger Things Season 5 videos soon. More Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer videos soon! Lots more Marvel Trailer videos too. Black Panther 2 Trailer, Thor Love and Thunder Trailer, She Hulk Trailer, Ms Marvel Trailer and lots more Avengers 5 Secret Wars Teaser videos coming this year!

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