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Predestination (2014) Film Explained Hindi/Urdu Summarized हिन्दी

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Predestination (2014) sci-fi movie explained in Hindi Urdu voice over. The American Sci-Fi Adventure film 'Predestination' story summarized with a ful...

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Predestination (2014) sci-fi movie explained in Hindi Urdu voice over. The American Sci-Fi Adventure film 'Predestination' story summarized with a full ending in हिन्दी explanation. The plot is about a time travel paradox which means that if something is to happen, it must happen at any mean. Here a Time Traveling Agent Goes To The Past To Capture A Dangerous Criminal. A time traveler cannot change the past. For example, if we have a friend who dies while driving and then acquires a time machine and travels to the past to save her, we will not be able to save her from inevitable events. At various points, the life of 'Jone' is depicted in the past, present and future. Here Jone is given a time machine and assigned to defuse the situation prepared by a dangerous bomber to explode in New York in 1975. He was on a mission to destroy the explosives. As a result he travels to the future and meets 'Barkeep', his future personality who tells him about his life. 'Jone' explains that he was once addicted to a girl named 'Jane' as well as two organs. However, someone removed her female organ and as a result she lived her life as a man. According to the bartender, he is acquainted with the stranger who left Jane. When they go back in time, Jone learns that the bad guy was himself.

The barkeep then tells him to "get up, I am your future," and hands it to the chief of the bureau. Once again Jone returns to defuse the bomb but here he is surprised to see the 'Fizzle Bomber', as it is his own future. We all know that whatever is expected to happen will happen. This is known as the Predestination or you can say prediction paradox. In the movie, we also speculate that if a human continues to time travel he will lose his composure and go insane, it is as Joan eventually lost her composure and sadly became the Fizzle bomber. This marked the end of the film. In my opinion you should all watch this full movie in your spare time because it is full of thrilling twists and mind-bending moments. One viewing will not suffice but it will provide you with happiness and entertainment.

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