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EVOLUTION of T-REX in MOVIES & TV: Size Comparison (1918-2022)

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Helps out the channel a lot! Thank you! :D
A 3D comparison of all the different depictions of T-rex in movies and television (1918-2022)! Hope you enjoy! :D
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Special thanks to Zul for help on some of the models - https://twitter.com/ZulhazreenZulk1
All others made by me! :)

If I missed any credits please email me and I'll do my best to correct it! Cheers!

#Evolution of

Animated in Blender 3.0, rendered in Unreal Engine 5, edited in Adobe CC.

Interesting to note that the vast majority of the sizes for the rexes weren't declared, so I used stills from their respective sources to size them up accurately where possible. Namely seeing how they compare in wide shots to objects or persons that we know the height or size of. Hence why most of the estimates for the rexes that star in movies with people should be pretty accurate, for example the V-rex from King Kong (used Naomi Watts in a wide shot to size appropriately), Carnosaur (used the Bobcat he fights in the movie in a wide shot to compare), and most others from the silver screen. For things like Fantasia or Gwangi, I used their sizes in comparison to the height of other dinosaurs they share the scenes with to compare. The ones that were impossible to really size accurately however were the ones in Dinosaur documentaries, as there just isn't something concrete to size them up to. No people share the shot. So for these they're pretty much all sized up to 12m/40 ft in length, and then seeing what their height is at the hip. I think this works though as those docs tend to be going for scientific accuracy, and most rexes found are around that length ballpark. Also I use as much reference as possible when making the models, so that should minimize any sizing errors, at least any egregious ones, as they should be pretty accurate to their on screen counterparts. Its then funny to see when the source itself is completely wrong. For example the Clash of the Dinosaurs rex is labeled as 40ft in length, and 18 ft tall. But sizing my model to 40 ft long revealed that the height is much lower, at about 14ft or so tall. I've thought of adding like an official FIlmCore seal of approval for the "estimates" as I do actually go to some lengths to make sure its as accurate as possible. Thought of maybe like an "FC estimate" but it'll look weird if I can't explain it I think. I hope that makes sense, and that it's at least somewhat interesting. Its hard to explain without pictures the process I go through. I actually think its kind of interesting. Anyways, really hope you enjoyed!

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