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DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS Ending Explained & Movie Breakdown | Post Credits Scene!

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DOCTOR STRANGE 2 ENDING EXPLAINED | Full Movie Breakdown & Easter Eggs! // VIDEO INFORMATION // #DoctorStrange2 #doctorstrangeinthemultiverseofmadness...

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DOCTOR STRANGE 2 ENDING EXPLAINED | Full Movie Breakdown & Easter Eggs!

#DoctorStrange2 #doctorstrangeinthemultiverseofmadness #scarlettwitch #illuminati

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Doctor Strange 2 is now in theaters, and after getting pushed from March to May, I have to say I am surprised on how incredible the movie is. Was able to saw it today with my dad.

Through this video, we’re breaking down the movie, talking about all the cameos in it, and some huge easter eggs.

This is the only way.

The movie follows Doctor Strange protecting America Chavez against a mother who is going to do everything in her power to get to her kids, believing that they’re in danger, if you remember in the post credit scene of WandaVision, she started studying the darkhold and because of this she heard her kids asking for help.

Something to know about the darkhold is the following:

In the comic book Carnage Volume 2 released in 2016, is explained that the dark hold controls that who reads that. It says the following:

Just remember, in the end you don’t use the Darkhold it uses you.

This is just manifestation of the Darkhold, the Darkhold wants to use Wanda to bring destruction.

This is why Agatha said, you are set to destroy world.

Because of reading the Darkhold she goes on a rampage(rampage film) Destroying everyone in her path, this includes the sorcerers in Kamar Taj, as well as the:

The Iluminati.

Going into the film, we all had one question is Tom Cruise(top gun taking glasses) in the film. The answer is no. (Tom Cruise laughing) His cameo may had been deleted as the only tease of him is the statues we see in the illuminati HQ.

The illuminati aren’t the ones we know from the comics and the ones we see in the film are the following:

John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic (Yes, our dreams came true and he is epic!)Anson Mount as Black BoltCharlize Theron as CleaHayley Atwell as Captain Carter
A variant from the one we met in what if.Lashana Lynch as Captain Marvel

This is a what If situation where instead of Carol getting the powers if Lashana, mother Of Monica Rambeou. Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier

He has a lot of similarities of that of X-men from the animated series including his yellow chair.

0:00 Introduction
0:25 Doctor Strange 2 Premise
1:14 Illuminati Explained
2:15 Clea Explained
2:40 Black Bolt Explained
3:00 Connecting The Story: Wanda
3:25 The Beginning of The Story
3:33 Defender Strange Explained
4:00 Comic Book Easter Eggs & References
5:01 Defender Strange Betrayal
6:08 Strange Nightmares
6:44 Wedding & The Arrival Of Gargantos
7:50 Wanda Nightmares
8:30 Attack on KamarTaj
8:47 Multiverse Travel
8:55 Living Tribunal Explained
9:40 Illuminati Timeline
10:30 Wanda Arrives
12:00 Sinister Strange Explained
14:00 How The Movie Ends?
15:00 Ending Third Eye
16:00 Post Credit Scene
17:00 Ending Explained & Theories
18:00 Conclusion

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